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We help ambitious companies increase their profitability by improving their business processes, optimizing costs and leveraging cutting-edge information and communication software solutions.

PHP web development
From bespoke Wordpress functionalities to custom CRM development, Laravel, CodeIgniter, web crawlers and advanced API integrations, with PHP we can code the imagination into reality.
Javascript web development
Whether it's Vanilla JS, jQuery, Angular, React, node.js, we can harness the full power of modern JavaScript to push the limits of what's possible on the web.
HTML - CSS/SASS web development
Do you need a Photoshop design transformed into HTML code? With thousands of hours of experience in working with PSD to HTML coversions, there is no design that we can't implement flawlessly and efficiently into any CMS and platform.

Cool projects

100% bespoke
e-commerce solution for TheWoofWorks Wp + GoCardless API

A very successful and fun, subscription based, 100% bespoke from the ground-up e-commerce integration - we married GoCardless with Wordpress, and their baby is a nice a flawlessly working e-commerce platform that allows dog owners to select a set of healthy products that will be delivered on a monthly basis to their doorstep.

With over 200 hours of coding, the system was built as a custom Wordpress plugin - the development started with one line of code, and it took shape as we went through the client specification - and we also adapted constantly as the client changed the spec along the way, which is very normal.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, VanillaJs, CSS/SASS, Wordpress, Gulp, REST API, GoCardless, Git
Image: See

AgularJs based UK Income Tax Calculator

Aparently a simple calculator, this quite mind-boiling-while-you-build-it application was a greater challenge than initially thought. It was nearly built with jQuery, but looking back now, I'm glad it wasn't, and that AngularJs was the chosen framework.

There were many factors that needed to be taken into consideration in the calculations, such as personal allowance, NI, lower rate tax, higher rate tax, pension, etc.

Luckily, with the help of AngularJs powerful capabilities, and about 60 cups of coffee in total, the application was launched successfully. Fully integrated with Wordpress.

Technologies: AngularJs, Angular Material, Wordpress, PHP, CSS/SASS, Gulp, Git
Image: See

2 million products web crawler collects pricing intelligence on the web - PHP project

  • 36GB RAM
  • 32 cores
  • 1.2TB SSD
That's what it takes to run the web crawler that was built fully in-house, in over 1500 hours, and still counting. The PHP based web crawler is an intelligent, 3-steps, powerful web spider that checks over 2 million prices every day from the UK's largest online retailers including Argos, Currys, Mothercare, John Lewis, and a few hundreds more.
  • Step 1: the crawler extracts all the urls from the retailers
  • Step 2: the spider identifies one-by-one whether the url is a product page or not, if it's a product page it's put in a separate table in the database, if not, the url will be set as non-product
  • Step 3: The crawler extracts the product image (have you wondered why we need 1.2TB of data?), title, and price from the page, and then re-visits the page every 24 hours to check the price
Image 1 (top): Database
Image 2 (bottom): This is where the rules for each retailer are set up (it takes only 5 minutes to set up the rules for each retailer)

AutoPost custom Wordpress plugin

Create a 100K pages website with absolutely unique content in 5 seconds by using a pre-set data uploaded via a csv file (this can be obtained for example by scraping other websites). This 100% unique, 100% custom made and very powerful plugin can be used on any Wordpress website to automatically generate pages by feeding it with a structured data.

  • Upload structured data - CSV file with up to 30 columns and 1 million rows
  • Create content templates - each column from the CSV file can be represented via a shortcode in the content template ([0], [1], etc.)
  • Create template groups that will be randomly selected/spun when generating the content (to make it even more unique)
  • Automatically create custom post types
  • Assign page template to the auto-content
  • Full Visual Composer support
  • Full Yoast SEO support

Tip: download postcode or location data from the UK government website in CSV format, and create a website like this: in under 10 minutes.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, VanillaJS, Wordpress
Results: See the pages generated in the sitemaps - Res 1 | Res 2 | Res 3
Image: The Autopost dashboard

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Search Intelligence Ltd are fantsatic to work with. Clear communication and know what they're doing! They are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them again on our next projects.
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Search Intelligence Ltd has been an indispensable partner, helping us build the back-end side of our applications for our clients. Professional, and always there when you need it. A real pleasure to be working together!
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